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About Me

Fernando F. TeixeiraI was born in Mozambique, in Maputo City in 1977 where I lived until age 11.
I live in Portugal since 1989, with my family in Golegã a village that I like and where I have lots of friends from childhood.
I graduated in Computer Science, I have developed my activity in the car trade and education activity.
I am a passionate about technology, I love playing guitar, bass guitar and skateboarding.

Computer Skills

Technology Knowledge Experience
Operating System Microsoft Windows Excellent Plenty
Operating System Gnu/Linux e Unix Excellent Plenty
Software Gnu/Linux e Windows Excellent Plenty
SGBD (Mysql / Postgres / Microsoft SQL) Good Plenty
Computer Networks Good Plenty
Components of Computer Hardware Excellent Plenty
Systems Analysis Excellent A Plenty
C++ Medium Medium
Java Good Medium
LAMP (Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP) Good Plenty
Ruby on Rails Good Plenty
Development IDE´s (Eclipse / NetBeans / Dreamweaver) Excellent Plenty
Microsoft Office / Excellent Plenty
Content Management System- CMS Excellent Plenty
Virtualization (VirtualBox) Excellent Plenty
CMS (Drupal, Joomla e WordPress) Excellent Plenty


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